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I started Alpine in 2017 after spending 4 years working as a graphic designer and production manager for a small screen print company in my hometown of Cleveland, TN. In 2016, my wife and I moved our family to Colorado to be closer to my wife’s family. Unfortunately, that move meant the end of my time at the screen print company in TN.

During my time at the TN print company, I fell in love with screen printing and the garment decoration industry as a whole. So when the idea came up to start my own print company, it was an easy yes.

Alpine is still a side-gig that I run out of my home in Castle Rock, CO. I love that I get to print on the side in addition to my day job as a marketing automation consultant and graphic designer. Since Alpine is a side-gig and not forced to be my single source of income, I can let it be whatever it is. That means I don’t market Alpine and I often don’t even compete with other shops for their business. I get to focus on the customers that come to me and help them create awesome apparel for whatever their needs are. I get to push the limits of what is normal or possible with screen printing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My goal is not to build a huge print company. My goal is to work with awesome people and help them create high-quality apparel that will become their new favorite item in their wardrobe.

Running my own print company has allowed me to make decisions about things that I experienced while at the company in TN. The biggest change was going all-in with water based printing. Most companies use plastisol and I realized really quickly that plastisol, while easy to work with and inexpensive, tends to leave a thicker print that can ruin the comfort of quality, triblend shirts. As a consumer, I hated spending the money on a high-quality shirt only to have a thick, unpleasant print ruin the softness of the shirt. I’ve written more about the differences between water based and plastisol inks and you can read that here.

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