Print Locations

With screen printed apparel, you’re typically going to be printing on the front, back, or sleeves of a shirt. There are other options, of course, limited only by whether the location has a seam or not (screen printing needs a flat surface), but the front/back/sleeves are the standards. When you receive your art proof, you’ll see the artwork placed on a shirt in the location you’ve indicated in your order, but it’s hard to tell exactly where the print is placed, so the below information will provide more details as to what you can expect with standard print placements.

Full Front

This is the most often printed placement in screen printing. The full front print is typically a design that is around 10.5” wide (max 12” wide). The design can be as tall as 14” and the top of the print is typically 2-3” from the bottom of the neck seam.

Center Front

Much like the full front, this is just a smaller design. Sometimes this is a small circle print or a small logo. Placement is typically the same at 2-3” from the bottom of the neck seam to the top of the print.

Left Chest

The left chest print is typically 3-4” wide and placed in line with where the left neck seam meets the shoulder seam. This typically ranges between 3-4” from the center of the shirt to the center of the print, depending on the size of the shirt. The print is placed about 4” from the bottom of the neck seam to the center of the print.


Pocket prints are much like left chest prints, just on a pocket. Print size is typically 3” wide and a max of 4” tall and placed in the center of the pocket.


Sleeve prints are sized about the same as left chest prints, 3-4” wide, and placement is typically about 1” from the sleeve seam to the bottom of the print.

Full Back

Full back prints are typically 11” wide but can be as wide as 12” and as tall as 14”. The top of the print is typically 4-6” from the bottom of the neck sea.

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