Castle Rock's premiere water based screen printing specialist.

Custom screen printed apparel acts as a wearable canvas, carrying your brand story into the world. I make sure the quality of that apparel, and the print it displays, matches the quality of your brand.

Castle Rock Screen Printing

Story & Branded Apparel

Alpine Apparel Co can help you tell the right story with your apparel

A compelling story can transform how your audience perceives your brand, turning passive onlookers into engaged participants. It’s not merely about what you sell but the story behind why you sell it. This emotional engagement is crucial in building lasting relationships with your customers.

Premium Water Based Inks

Alpine Apparel Co prints every item with only water based inks. If you want the most premium result with your prints, water based is the only option.

Hand Printed & Guaranteed

I print every shirt myself, by hand, on my manual screen printing press. Every single shirt is inspected for quality to ensure you get only the best apparel posible for your brand.

Simplified Pricing

Many shops include all sorts of fees and extra charges. Not here. You'll get simple, out-the-door pricing that makes sense.

Custom Packaging

Need your apparel individually folded and bagged? I can make sure your apparel items are ready for the retail shelf as soon as you pick them up.

Branding & Design

With 20 years of design and branding experience, I can make sure your design is ready to tell your brand's story. All you need is a vision, I'll bring it to life.

Marketing & Digital Media

Brands often need more than just screen printed apparel. I can provide marketing automation support, website design and development, and business strategies to help your business grow.

Water Based

Screen Printing

The perfect combination of quality and comfort

Don't settle for anything less than high-quality results for your brand

Longevity and Durability

Even with all the modern print technologies available today (DTF, Sublimation, DTG, etc.) nothing has yet to compete with screen printing from a durability standpoint.

Soft, Breathable Prints

Most shops use plastisol ink and it is about like wearing a plastic sticker on your shirt. I use only water based inks which provide a high quality print that is breathable and so soft that you often can't even feel the print on the shirt.

Unlimited Quantities

Screen printing is a bulk-friendly service. There are minimums to get started, but how many you get on the top end is up to you. I can accomodate as few as 12 shirts and as many as 50,000.

Unlimited Posibilities

Heat Transfers

Beyond screen printing

For more than just shirts and bulk orders

No Minimums

Tailor the template effortlessly to match your brand's identity and requirements, making your website distinct and saving you time.

Full-Color Options

Explore various layout options to find the structure that best presents your content, enhancing user engagement and navigation.

Great for Headwear

Ensure your website's optimal performance on various devices and screen sizes, providing a consistent and enjoyable user experience.

Patches & More

Seamlessly incorporate images, videos, and multimedia elements that enhance your content and engage visitors effectively.

Getting apparel that tells your brand story shouldn't be difficult.

Step 1: Discovery

Tell me about your brand and let's discuss the story you're trying to tell. Together, we'll come up with some apparel that not only looks great, but enhances your customers' experience with your business or organization.

Step 2: Plan & Price

Now that we've decided how apparel fits into your goals as a brand, we'll discuss specific items, print types, quantities, budget, and order frequency. The goal is not to sell you things you don't need, here. The goal is to equip your brand with the tools you need for growth.

Step 3: Let's Print

As production begins on your order, you will receive art mockups to approve prior to printing. Once approved, if there are any quetsions throughout the process, you will be contacted for input. The end goal is for you to get exactly what you wanted, and I will work to make sure that is the case every single time you order apparel.


Your order is complete! It is time to get your new apparel out into the world and give your fans a comfortable way to tell your story. You are free to pick up your order if you are local or I will ship it to you anywhere in the US via USPS Ground.

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Screen Printing & Business Blog

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The blog is where I go deeper into the idea of storytelling for business and the role branded apparel can play in your brand's story.

Client testimonials

Discover what clients have to say about their experiences working with me.

" I have worked with Alpine Apparel for a number of years now, and they are hands-down the best! From sourcing excellent apparel options, no matter what my changing budget needs, to helping with the design options to really bring our apparel to life, Alpine is the absolute best!! So grateful to have found them! "


Small Business Owner

" Alpine Apparel has ALWAYS exceeded expectations with quality, customer service, and overall experience. "


Operations Director

" We have used Alpine on several of our projects and we are super impressed with their quality, professionalism, and their attention to detail. They make us look so good! "


Non-Profit Founder

" We started working with Alpine for our t-shirts several years ago. We've always been SUPER HAPPY with the quality of the product and the level of service. Communication is top-notch and our guests that purchase our shirts always comment on how comfortable they are. Jesse does a great job!! "


Small Business Owner

" I have ordered from Jesse and his team multiple times. Every print is clean and clear. They go above and beyond to make sure the designs are correct and communication is always top notch. "


Small Business Owner


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most asked questions I get about screen printing.

How do I get a quote?

To get a screen print quote, just fill out this form. Some of the details that matter for screen print pricing are total quantity of items with the same print, number of print locations, number of ink colors in each print, and the specific items being printed (tshirts, hoodies, etc.).

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes. With screen printing, you’re always going to run into a minimum order quantity. For my shop, that quantity is 12 items with the same print. Could be a mixture of types, sizes, and colors, just as long as they all get the same print.

Do I have to have print-ready artwork?

No. I have 25+ years experience as a graphic designer. All you need to come with is an idea of what you want. I’ll take care of creating the artwork. Note, however, that custom art does include additional fees for the design work.

What’s so special about water based ink?

Glad you asked! I print with only water based ink for many reasons, most of which I lay out here in this article. Trust me, you’ll love the end result that water based ink creates.

What is this new DTF stuff everyone is talking about?

A business big enough that it could be listed on the NASDAQ goes belly up. Disappears! It ceases to exist without me. No, you clearly don't know who you're talking to, so let me clue you in.

I want to learn how to screen print, can you teach me?

Yes I can! In fact, I run a YouTube channel and a Podcast where I teach others to start and run screen print companies from home. If you think you’d like to try screen printing, then check out my content at

Ready to talk?

Feel free to schedule a time to talk about your apparel or request a quote.